Penelope Pitstop, circa 1969

 noun: a stop in the pits for servicing and refueling, especially during a race; a brief rest, especially during a journey; a quick dump, also known as a toilet stop or downloading

When Leadfoot’s not commuting, she’s out on America’s highways and byways exploring this great country of ours. Pitstops are always a necessity on these journeys, whether for refueling, resting or, ahem, downloading. What qualifies as a pitstop? These three criteria, in order of priority:

It’s gotta be clean and cool. We have very high standards.

It’s gotta be quick. Seconds count when you’re on the go.

It’s gotta be special at something. See #1.

And now, without further adieu, a roundup of our favorite pitstops from our latest roadtrips.



What:  Common Man Roadside at the Hooksett Welcome Centers

Where: Hooksett, NH, I-93 Service Area, Northbound and Southbound

Why stop: State-of-the-art visitor center featuring 16 Irving fuel pumps, 6 Tesla SuperChargers, 24-hour general store and restrooms, food court, ’50s-style diner, free WiFi, bank branch, seasonal farm stand and a massive liquor and wine outlet

Best at: Jonesin’ for pizza? Get it your way, in under three minutes, at the Hi-Way Diner. Need to restock the wine rack? Pore over the state’s biggest selection at the 20,000-square foot NH Liquor & Wine Outlet.

Fun fact: Besides exceptional buys on premium wines and spirits, the NH Liquor & Wine Outlet offers one more distinct benefit: no sales tax.